Ganesh Visarjan Video 2019

Here’s Ganesh Visarjan video from Ulsoor Lake (Bangalore) on the day one of the festival. In fact, I travelled from Mysore to Bangalore to be in the Ulsoor lake to witness the Ganpati Visarjan on the first day.

Watch the video till the end to see how a life size Ganesha idol is immersed into the water with the help of the crane. It is simply awesome.

Ganesh Visarjan 2019 (Ulsoor Lake, Bangalore)
Video captured using Sony CX405 camcorder

What I liked about the Ganesh Visarjan in the lake is the way it was managed. Almost all the devotees who celebrated Ganesh festival chose to immerse the idol in the Ulsoor lake.

Thousands of people entered the lake premises to witness the Ganpati Visarjan. Several policemen were on duty managing the crowd and guiding them towards trouble free Ganpati Visarjan. The traffic did cripple in some places as usual.

There were volunteers placed inside the Kalyani (pond inside the lake) who helped immerse the Ganesh Idol. The idol size ranged from half a foot to life size. The life size idols were immersed using a crane though.

There were at least two cranes parked to help the bigger Ganesha idols to immerse in the pond. I saw an ambulance too in case of emergency.

Hope you liked the video. Please do switch on to YouTube and subscribe to my channel.

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