Monkey Funny Videos (Lalbagh & Mysore Zoo)

I present here two monkey funny videos that I posted in my YouTube Channel in the last few days. These monkey videos are from two different cities, Bangalore and Mysore.

Monkey grabs coke (Lalbagh, Bangalore)

This Monkey video is from Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Bangalore. I captured this video using the SJCAM action camera and edited in my smartphone MI Note 5 pro.

Monkey Video – Lalbagh, Bangalore
captured with SJ CAM & editied with MI Note 5 Pro

The Lalbagh Botanical Gardens is one of prominent places to visit in Bangalore. If you happen to be in Lalbagh, you can find lots of monkeys near the lake. If you carry food, you may lose it.

See the video, the monkey grabs a coke from a girl, opens it and drinks it full. The visitors were excited to see this guy drinking coke and the girls who parted with their coke did not bother much. Surprisingly, this little dude was not scared with the humans so nearby.

One married man did a video call to show this wife to his monkey. After all, monkey drinking coke is not regular affair.

Monkeys having fun time in Mysore Zoo

Monkey Video captured in Mysore Zoo (Aug-19)
Captured with Sony Handycam CX405 & editied with MI Note 5 Pro

This monkey video is from Mysore Zoo, I captured it last August (2019). The video is from my Sony Handycam CX405 and I did editing using MI Note 5 Pro.

There is a spot in Mysore Zoo where several monkeys play around. Anybody carrying eatable items will surely lose it. I saw a monkey grabbing a soft drink bottle and gulping the entire juice and the other one searching for biscuits (I guess)

These monkeys are the only wild animals that roam freely in the Mysore zoo.

Hope you liked the videos. Please skip to YouTube and subscribe my channel for more Monkey Videos.

Hint: When you visit the Mysore Zoo, please do not carry plastics, liquor and cigarettes. All will be seized or you will not be allowed inside with any of these.

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