Feeding the Pigeons (Bird watching in Mysore)

Every traveler to Mysore will cover most of the places including the one in this post, the Chamaraja Circle and the Sri Kote Anjeneya temple. What they may not experience is the view of thousands of pigeons in front of the temple.

The sight is beautiful in the mornings, say between 7 to 8 am. I was here during the weekend and was lucky to capture some beautiful moments with my Sony camcorder.  Unfortunately, I did not carry the tripod and so the videos came in little shaky.

Feeding the Pigeons in Mysore

Feeding the Pigeons in Mysore (Chamaraja Circle, Mysore)

I made two videos out of this visit, one is the video about feeding the pigeons and the other one is the city walk. I walked with my MI Note 5 Pro smart phone fitted to my Kodak Gimbal. It was a wonderful experience and the videos came out excellent.

Mysore City Walk

Mysore City Walk – from Town Hall to Chamaraja Circle

If you are planning here, carry some pigeon feeds or you can sponsor some money to the volunteers. I am not sure if they are available there all days a week. I saw them on a Sunday doing the needful for those who wanted to feed the pigeons. Please see the video until the end. It has something interesting. Also, consider subscribing to the channel and share it among your friends. I am planning to do more city walks and some travel stories. Those are going to be interesting videos.

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