Solo Ride to Nandi Hills

I doubt if there are any youngsters left in the city who have not seen Nandi Hills. Go to this hill station near Bangalore to get a clue.

View of Nandi Hill, Chikkaballapur
View of Nandi Hill, Chikkaballapur

Many say that the best time to visit Nandi Hills is during the sunrise, which is true. The hillock is a fantastic place to witness the sun rising up. Obviously, you have to be there at the right time.

Also known as Nandi Durga, this hill is not only about the sunrise. The sun rises everywhere. This hill is about the nature at its best. If you are planning a day trip from Bangalore, think no other place.

Solo ride to Nandi Hills

Solo Ride to Nandi Hills
Solo Ride to Nandi Hills

I wanted to do a solo ride to this popular hill station near Bangalore. This plan was there from several months but materialized recently.

Most of those who have not gone to Nandi Hills assume it to be near Bangalore. It is incorrect. This hill is in Chikkaballapur district, about 60 kms from Namma Bengaluru.

It is a 90 minutes ride in my Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle but I took good two hours to reach. I was in no hurry and my bullet assured it would be happy to go slow.

The June weather was superb but the rain was due by a month. The failed monsoon left many cities in distress. When I was writing this post in the mid of July, Bangalore saw occasional rain, Chennai was very dry and Mumbai was flooded with heavy rains.

It was a Sunday ride. At about 9.30 am, I saw several motorcycles returning from the hill. I felt I missed something and promised myself to ride to Nandi Hills again to witness the sunrise.

I was cruising at 60 kmph and the smaller capacity motorcycles just zoomed past. I overtook the bigger capacity fully loaded trucks though. I was just koking. Did I misspell joking here?

If you are planning to ride to Nandi Hills, ensure you and your pillion wears helmet. Also, carry all vehicle documents to show it to the traffic police when demanded. They will surely show up.

When you arrive at the top of the hill, you will realize how popular this hill station near Bangalore is. The weekend is crowded and I saw literally no space for motorcycle parking in the designated area.

No matter how crowded this hillock is, it is very pleasant to be here. Riding solo has an advantage, you can explore at will. I did the same, just walking everywhere the path led.

Places to see in Nandi Hills

There are so many things to explore and below is a list of places that is of prominence.

  1. Amrutha Sarovara
  2. Tippu’s Summer House (Tippu’s Lodge)
  3. Sri Gavi Veerabadra Swamy Temple
  4. Sri Yoganandeeshwara Swamy Temple
  5. Nellikai Basavanna
  6. Tippu Drop
  7. Horse Steps
  8. Arkavathi River Origin Point
  9. Palar River Origin Point
  10. Anthara Gange
  11. Basava Mantapa
  12. Brahma Ashrama

Nandi Hills Photo Gallery

Beautiful view from Nandi Hills
Beautiful view from Nandi Hills
Raised seating arrangements at Nandi Hills
Raised seating arrangements at Nandi Hills
View from Nandi Hills Bangalore
View from Nandi Hills
Palar River Origin, Nandi Hills
Palar River Origin, Nandi Hills
Nellikai Basavanna
Nellikai Basavanna
Tippu Drop
Somewhere near Tippu Drop, Nandi Hills
Nandi Hills Parking
A view of Nandi Hills parking lot from atop the hill
Tippu Summer Palace Nandi Hills
Tippu Lodge – This is the place were Tippu Sultan resided when he came to Nandi Hills. This historical building is in dilapidated condition. Though it is important land mark in Nandi Hills, the authorities have not cared to clean it at least.
Monkey Licking Ice-cream:
Monkey Licking Ice-cream: This dude snatched the ice-cream from a couple.

I could not cover all the above places listed due to time constraint. You will come across a big map showing where these places are. However, there is no signboard to direct us to a particular place.  I no bother, as I was more interested to walk around with the nature and exploring places randomly.

The Infosys Foundation is beautifying the Nandi Hills by laying paths and compounds. The work seems to be in progress. Lot more has to be done with respect to keeping the hill clean and green. I know the government will not regulate the food stalls that are dirtying the place. I know the visitors will not stop buying plastics and I know they will not stop throwing the waste at their will.

I walked until the Tippu Drop, a place to be to witness the beautiful landscapes below. There was an intense breeze and I could feel water drops hitting my face. I thought it would rain but did not.

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