Round trip to Isha Foundation, Coimbatore

We started on a Saturday from Bangalore in a Maruti Swift at about 5.30 am from UB City. There are two routes from Bangalore to Isha and we decided to take the Mysore route while going and return via Hosur.

The Mysore route is more fun to drive and is worth the travel time. We got to see so many places and were fortunate enough to travel through the forest areas. I have a separate post about it for which you will find the links at the bottom of this post.

We stayed in a service apartment in Coimbatore that we booked via Goibibo App at the last minute. The Isha Foundation near Velliangiri Mountains was an hour and a half drive from the place we stayed. We started from Coimbatore at 9.30 am and reached Isha Foundation at about 12.30 pm. 

Adiyogi Statue, Isha Foundation

The visitors to the Isha Foundation will take at least an hour to get into the property from the Isha parking lot. The reason is the breath taking view of Adiyogi Statue that mesmerized every individual there. As you park your vehicle, you will see nowhere but the gigantic Adiyogi.

It is at least at most 20 minutes’ walk from the Adiyogi state to the Isha complex. There is a transport facility such as bullock carts and electric vehicles for minimal fee. In fact, children will enjoy the bullock cart ride.

The bullock cart ride cost Rs. 10/- per head (one way)

After spending some time in front of the Adiyogi, we walked towards the Isha complex. Walking is a great way to experience open and pollution free space. Velliangiri Mountain was mesmerizing and the plantation beneath was breath taking. This is a perfect place for photography, be it a selfie or for a serious photographers.

Beautiful view of Velliangiri Mountains

While getting into the Isha Foundation:

  1. You cannot carry mobile phones and cameras
  2. You cannot go inside with a footwear

It is a short wait but more during the weekends to handover the belongings at the counter. I had come here for the third time and knew what exactly to do here.

For the first timers, there is an audio-visual information system to make understand about the Suryakund, the energized pool and the Dhyanalinga.

We did three things inside:

  1. Took a holy dip in Suryakund
  2. Meditated inside the Dhyanalinga
  3. Visited the Linga Bairavi temple

The Suryakund is an energized cold-water pool with three Shiva Linga’s placed in it. It is not everybody’s cup of tea to take a holy dip in Suryakund. There is a notice board advising those with particular ailments not to get into the pool.

Moreover, those who are not used to cold-water bath may also opt out. In fact, it was very tough for me when I first stepped down into the Suryakund. However, during my second visit, I just walked into the energized pool.  

The Sadhguru says, “Suryakund and Chandrakund are energy pools that melt away karmic blocks and that allow you to experience Dhyanalinga.” This is true, in fact.

“The Suryakund is an energized pool for men and Chandrakund is an energized pool for women.”

We took a quick shower in the adjacent bathing hall. The volunteers gave us a big towel to tie in the waist to get into the pool. They wash the towel after each use. This cost Rs. 20 and this is the only money we spent in the Isha Foundation. We stepped inside Suryakund and were inside for at least 30 minutes meditating and hugging the three Shiva Linga’s occasionally.

Luckily, the Linga Bairavi temple was open to all. I did not get a chance to get inside this temple during my last two visits.

It was a weekend and the crowd inside was immense. I was little disappointed inside the Dhyanalinga while meditating as there was lots of disturbance. I had thoroughly enjoyed meditating inside last time when there was pin drop silence.

We had spent almost four hours inside the Isha Complex and it was time to drive back to Bangalore. We had hour lunch in Coimbatore’s “Dindigul Venu Biryani” a popular restaurant in Tamil Nadu (they also serve veg food).

While returning to Bangalore, we took the Hosur route thus making a circled journey that resulted in a memorable road trip.

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