Road Trip Bengaluru to Isha Foundation

If you are planning for a road trip from Bangalore to Isha, you can either choose to travel via Hosur or via Mysore. While there is no difference in the kilometers travelled or time consumed to reach the destination, the experience certainly differs. 

Bangalore to Isha Foundation via Mysore

  1. Bengaluru
  2. Mysuru
  3. Nanjangudu
  4. Chamarajanagara
  5. Satyamangalam
  6. Thiruppur
  7. Coimbatore
  8. Isha Foundation

Highlights of this road trip

  1. Breakfast at Mysore’s popular Mylari Restaurant
  2. Visit to Srikanteshwara Temple in Nanjangudu
  3. Drive through the beautiful Dhimbam Ghats
  4. Visit to the powerful Bannari Temple
  5. Lunch at Dindigul Venu Biryani – Avinashi Road, Thiruppur
  6. Shopping for clothing in Thiruppur’s Khaderpet area
  7. Booked 2 BHK flat for Rs. 1287 through GoIbibo
  8. Visit to Isha Foundation
  9. Lunch at Dindigul Venu Biryani – Coimbatore
  10. Back to Bengaluru

The Isha Foundation near Velliangiri Mountains is one of my favorite places and so is for a huge population. This is evident from the crowd you will see in the Isha property. No matter what religion you belong, the Isha welcomes all.

We planned for a weekend trip from Bengaluru to Isha two weeks before. Our plan was to drive via Hosur and Salem but later decided to travel via Mysore and Nanjangudu. We decided the final route just before starting from UB City at 5.30 am. Yes, 5.30 am is the ideal time to start the journey from Bengaluru to beat the city traffic and save some time to explore more.

UB City Maruti Swift
Starting from UB City – 15/06/2019 5.30 am

Tip-1: If you are planning this journey, consider starting between 5.30 and 7 am. If you missed the breakfast, there are several restaurants in the highway.

I was doing normal speed and reached Mysore in three hours. As planned, we had a breakfast in Mysore’s Mylari Restaurant in Agrahara.

Our next destination was Nanjangudu where we visited the Srikanteshwara Temple and Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt.

Srikanteshwara Temple, Nanjangudu

Srikanteshwara Temple, Nanjangudu (June-2019)
Srikanteshwara Temple, Nanjangudu (June-2019)

Tip-2: The Srikanteshwara Temple in Nanjangudu is popular among the devotees and is crowded every Monday.

The route plan from here was Chamarajanagara, Hasanur, Satyamangalam, Thiruppur and Finally Coimbatore (day-1). This route will take you to the amazing Dhimbam Ghats, a picturesque hill region. If you love driving, you will enjoy it here. I like the way the truck drivers tackle these steep roads and curves with the heavy loads. You know, this is not everybody’s cup of tea.

Panajur Forest, Karnataka

Motorcycle riders
Motorcycle riders on their way

We descended the Dhimbam Ghats maneuvering the 27 hairpin bends and reached the powerful Bannari temple. The temple was slightly crowded with the weekend visitors. We had to take the Rs. 15 entrance to jump the Q.   

It was too hot to step out barefoot and so we were literally running to avoid the heat.

We reached Tirupur at about 3 pm to have our late lunch in the popular Dindigul Venu Biryani. The Dindigul Venu Biryani is famous for their mutton biryani and other non-veg specialities. This was one of the reasons for us to come to Tirupur and another reason was to shop for cloths in Khaderpet.

Tirupur is a major textile and knit wear hub contributing to 90% of total cotton knit wear exports from India (Source: Wikipedia). The Khaderpet area in Tirupur has many shops that sell cloths at discounted prices.  We spent at least four hours hopping between shops.

Green Pullover - Tirupur Dress
This green pullover cost Rs. 200 in a shop in Tirupur (June-2019)

Tip-3: If you are shopping here, do not stick to one shop but explore several of them. The cost of a good tee here starts from Rs. 150 per piece. You may come across branded tees such “Lee” for Rs. 300 but that might not be original.

We reached Coimbatore by 10 pm. One of our colleagues had arranged a flat for us to stay but for some reason, we decided to shift. The GoIbibo app came in handy in which we booked a two BHK air-conditioned flat for just Rs. 1287/-. We had a wonderful stay here.

Oyo Service Apartment, Coimbatore
Oyo Service Apartment, Coimbatore

The Isha Foundation was at least two hours’ drive from where we stayed. We checked out from the room at 9.30 am and followed the Google Map to reach to the Isha property.

Tip-4: If you are hungry, have your food in Coimbatore and start to Isha. You may not find good restaurant en route. You may also choose to eat in the Isha Foundation, as there are several food stalls to cater.

We reached Isha about 12.30 am and spent some time in front of Adiyogi Shiva statue before getting into the Isha Foundation complex.

Adiyogi Statue, Isha Foundation

Adiyogi Statue, Isha Foundation (June-2019)

Here ends the first part of my Bangalore to Isha road trip story. Two more posts will come in, about our stay in Montae Vue service apartment in Coimbatore and about our experience in Isha Foundation. Bookmark my blog for more road trip stories and have a good day.

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