Abandoned Truck Dhimbam Ghats

Abandoned Truck
Abandoned truck in Dhimbam Ghats, Tamil Nadu

When you drive through the Dhimbam Ghats, you will come across a seized truck that looks haunted. As you can see in the image, the tree has grown from inside out the truck. It looks scary and not everybody will dare to explore inside.

Long story cut short

Abandoned Truck

Several years ago, a small plant found its way into the seized truck and later forced itself out towards the sunlight.

Why this truck here

Why is this truck here? – Well, the owner did not have a parking space in his house, so he parked it here.

Abandoned Truck
Abandoned Truck
Eicher Truck
Eicher Truck
Abandoned Truck

I was kidding. The truck driver may have tried to transport illegal goods or would have knocked down somebody. When the border police seize the truck with these two offences, it will lead to this kind of development. Anything can grow inside if the owner does not bail out his vehicle in time.

Dhimbam Ghats is one of my favorite place and I never seize the opportunity to drive here. I was driving from Tirupur to Mysore via Dhimbam Ghats and had some time to spare. I pulled the car over to spend some time and capture these photos.

This truck is right in front of the check post and there were personnel on duty. Nobody questioned when I was taking photograph of this abandoned truck. I know this is not a protected monument! Have you seen a Sugarcane juice maker powered by a tractor engine? I have one more post that might interest you – The Vintage Motorcycles!

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