Sugarcane crushing machine fixed to old tractor

A sugarcane-crushing machine fixed to an old tractor. I think this Eicher tractor will never retire.

Sugarcane crusher mated to old tractor
Sugarcane crusher mated to old tractor

I found this sugarcane machine fixed to an old tractor in Mayiladuthurai, Tamil Nadu. This is absolutely a “Jugaad” or “MacGyver” what you call in English.

MacGyver means to “make or repair an object in an improvised or inventive way, making use of whatever items are at hand.”

Sugarcane cruchser
Sugarcane crushing powered by giant machine

While walking out of Suryanarkovil (in Mayiladuthurai), my eyes caught this simple but innovative setup. I could not help but appreciate it and get in conversation with the owner.

Eicher Tractor
Old Eicher Tractor that has come to life

The owner, whose name I forgot, said this type of setup is quite common in this belt. There are several old tractors, mostly abandoned, has come to life back. These tractors are not worthy of ploughing or even moving a bit. “You can see that in the photograph.”

Eicher Tractor for Sale (not really)

Old tractor
Old Eicher Tractor – Its power never seizes

You will know that repairing the abandoned tractors and making it road worthy is a costly affair. However, making the tractor’s engine come to life and use it for some other purpose is real intelligence.

The owner said the Eicher tractor’s engine runs on a single piston. It consumes only a liter of diesel a day or may be little more when the sale is high. He sells a glass of sugarcane juice for Rs. 20. For him, it is a good business and cost effective too. Note that he is not paying rent for the space the tractor is occupying.

Well the story ends here. I captured the photographs in this post with my MI Note 5 Pro.

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