Balloon Shooting Stall Velankanni Beach

In most of the tourist centers, there is a possibility of you seeing a balloon-shooting stall, especially in this part of the country.

Kid with a gun

Kid with a gun
Kid with a gun (pellet gun)

I hope the gun is not loaded. If the kid pulls the trigger, a hole on the back is evident.

Earlier in India, air guns or pellet guns did not require license to procure. Since 2016, the rules have changed. You will need a gun license to posses any type of guns. I don’t know how are these guys managing.  

A good gun should send the bullet as per shooters aim. The man holding the pole is safe until the gun decides otherwise.

Three guns and three boys, it is matching. I guess the other boy is searching for the bullet.

Well these photos are from Velankanni Beach, a beautiful place. I liked this place a lot, a perfect one for random photography.

I have clicked more photographs here. Check out all beach photographs in this blog. You may like the dried fish photos.

If you are planning to stay in Velankanni, consider reading the post Queens Inn Velankanni. All photos captured with Sony A5100.

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