Velankanni Beach – Fishing Boats & Nets

It is quite natural to see fishing boats and the fishing nets near the beaches. The Velankanni beach is no different. However, it is worrisome to see plastic wastes thrown everywhere.

Fishing Boat

Fishing Boat
Fishing Boat

The parked fishing boat is a nice place to relax and enjoy the sea waves

Watching the sea

Beach Watch
Bay Watch?

Children on the shoulder enjoying the sea sound

Abandoned footwear

Nobody’s footwear?

The abandoned footwear – where is the other one?

Weaving fishing nets

Weaving fishing net
Weaving fishing net

Weaving fishing nets – this is how my manager sees when I work

Woman selling mangos

Woman Selling Mangoes
Woman Selling Mangoes

It is a mango season

It is unlikely the beach photographers will click clear sand without plastics. Wherever we go, we leave a mark resulting in plastic pollution. This attitude should change within everybody to save our planet and should do something to keep our beaches clean.  

That’s all in this post. You will like the Velankanni BeachDried Fish photographs. During my visit to this holy place I stayed in the Queens Inn Hotel. I captured these photographs with Sony A5100.

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