Velankanni Beach Photography-Dried Fish

I am glad you are here to see my Velankanni Beach Photography, the Dried Fish edition. What you see here are random beach photos that I captured using my Sony A5100.

The Dried Fish Market

At this beach in Velankanni, the dried fish stalls are common sight. There are several of them selling different varieties of dried fish, which we usually do not see in the fish markets near home.

Fish Market
Dried Fish Stall Velankanni Beach
Fish Market
Fierce Looking – Dried Fish
Fish Market - Dried Fish
Fish Market Velankanni

From the photograph, I assume, the people selling dried fish are mostly from fishermen family. In non-coastal cities, sellers buy from intermediaries to trade in the markets.

I am a fan of dried fish dishes but not everybody will like the fragrance of it. When it is cooked at home, many will regret stepping inside. I heard that dried fish is good for hypothyroidism, thanks for the saltiness in it. Don’t take my words and please consult your physician.

Auto rickshaw Ride

Auto Rickshaw
Auto Rickshaw near the beach

Taking an auto rickshaw ride towards the Velankanni beach is fun and quickest way to get into action. Later you can walk towards the church capturing every magical moments. This is exactly what I did.

Live fish fries

fresh fish market
Woman selling fish fries

This woman is waiting for the customers to come and try the fishes in her shop. I can see varieties of fresh from sea fishes on the plates. All the customer has to do is choose a fish.


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