Vathalagundu Market Street Photography

The Vathalagundu market is perfectly suitable for street photography. I was in the flower market area last week (May-19) when I captured this beautiful photo with slightly blur image on the corners.

I carried my Mi Note 5 Pro smartphone, which I feel is the best camera phone for a good photography. However, there are latest smartphones trending in the market, much better than the Note 5.

There is some more time for me to upgrade. I may or may not stick to Mi Phones for my mobile photography needs. It depends upon which phone is trending in the market when I plan to upgrade.

Woman selling flowers

Woman selling flower
Woman selling flowers

I shot this photo of women selling flower in a landscape orientation and on a portrait mode. However, I had to crop unnecessary subjects using Photoshop for mobile.

Tractor & Auto rickshaw

Auto rickshaw & tractor
Auto rickshaw & tractor

I love this photo of a tractor and auto rickshaw coming together in the narrow street. There are many subjects in the photo like the people, vehicles, fruit vendors, vegetable vendors and of course the flower vendors. The blur image on the corners and at the center is a result of portrait mode in Mi Note 5 pro.

If I carried DSLR, I would have attracted more eyes towards the lens and it would never been a candid photo. This is what I love about mobile photography, quick and easy.

Woman pushing cart

Woman pushing cart
Woman pushing cart

This photo is also interesting. The main subject is the woman pushing the cart with empty barrels to get water. This tells that there is a shortage of water in the locality. The hawkers surround the temple and the people are busy shopping.

Man wearing lungi

The photo also highlights the man wearing lungi. In fact, there are many wearing lungi, a common sight in this part of the State. There are blur corners on the photo highlighting only the few subjects. This is the result of portrait mode in the Mi Phone.

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