Image of a boy – Krishnagiri

While on my way from Bangalore to Vathalagundu, I stopped in Krishnagiri for lunch in Sree Saravana Bhavan restaurant. I captured this “image of a boy” when the boy was trying to sell flowers to me. The little fellow did not know I was photographing him. This is one of the advantages of mobile photography. I did buy flowers from him later and hung it on the mirror of my swift car. In turn, I got this boy’s image.

Boy Image
Image of a boy – Krishnagiri, TN

Mobile photography was quick

I wouldn’t have got this shot of this “image of a boy” if I took time to pull my Sony A 5100 out. By then the boy would have left to his next customer. Moreover, I would have attracted several on lookers and eventually more distractions.  

Photo from Mi Note 5 Pro

The mobile photography happened in seconds. I knew the boy would approach me to sell flowers. I pulled out my “Mi Note 5 pro” from my back pocket and put it in the camera mode. Here is something I can remember from the Mi Note phone.

Did he ever know that I was photographing him?  Please spare some time to comment.

That’s about the Boy Image. If you want to see the most beautiful photographs – jump to Joshi Daniel’s blog!

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