O2 Residency, Batlagundu-Theni Road

The O2 Residency is in Batlagundu-Theni Road in Tamil Nadu. It is a budget hotel that provides very basic amenities that is good for travelers on the go. There are not many lodgings in this part of the State and so this property remains in my list of preferred hotels in Batlagundu.

O2 Residency Hotel Batlagundu
O2 Residency – Batlagundu – Theni Highway

Batlagundu is in Dindigul district

If you do not know about Batlagundu or Vathalagundu as the locals pronounce, it is a busy little town in Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu. This town is the major gateway to popular destinations like Kodaikanal, Thekady and may be other nearby destinations. The distance between Batlagundu and Kodaikanal is about 60 kms and the journey time is 1 hour 45 minutes. Kodaikanal is a hill station.

Direct booking – Rs. 1500 per A/c room

O2 Residency Rooms
The room is good enough for a double cot and minimal furniture
Wash - Rooms in O2 Residency
Wash – O2 Residency
Wall Mount TV
Wall mount TV
If you want to use the landline
If you want to use the landline

We did not do online booking and I am not sure if O2 Residency is tied up with any of the popular hotel booking apps. We did not book in advance via phone. We dropped into the hotel during the weekday and booked three A/c rooms at Rs. 1500/- per room. We had come to attend a ritual in Ayyampalayam, a little town about 3 kms from O2 Residency. Our purpose was to stay and return home.

Not sure about checkout

I am not sure if it was 12 hours or 24 hours check out. We left the room exactly after 24 hours and they did not charge a penny more. We did inform them of our time of checkout.

RO water in a used bottle

Once we settled in the room, the staff arrived with a bag full of water bottles and offered how much ever we required. I was happy until I noticed the water bottles were from different companies like Bisleri, Aquafina, Kinley etc. Later I realized they had refilled with bottles with RO water. I had to reject and buy a new one from the restaurant.

No packed water

The basic amenity in O2 Residency does not include even a bottle of sealed mineral water that cost Rs. 10 for half a litre bottle. If they had provided, I would have been more positive about this hotel in Batlagundu. When I explained the staff the need to provide sealed water bottles to the guests, he blamed his MD who has given strict orders.

The room

The room was big enough to accommodate a double cot and minimal furniture like wardrobe, table and a chair. There was a wall mounted TV that we never switched on and a land lined telephone to connect to the reception. Of course, the wall mounted air conditioner kept the room super cool all time.


I placed food order through landline that they delivered to the room in half an hour. I am not positive about it though – I ordered for Parota and chicken dry. It is better to hunt for good restaurants when there is ample time. I saw a popular brand “Dindigul Thalpakatti Biryani” restaurant, in a little distance from Batlagundu bus stand towards Theni.

Our stay in O2 Residency Vathalagundu was still worth because of the hot weather and close proximity to our place of business. I may return to this hotel if I do not find any and at this price range.

O2 Residency front view
O2 Residency front view

MI Smartphone Photos

I captured the photos of O2 Residency in this post through my MI Note 5 Pro and cropped using Photoshop to fit the post.

External links – Read about Batlagundu in Wikipedia. I stumbled upon this post about Theni, a good one to explore.

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