PUBG Keychains Orion Mall Bangalore


PUBG Guns Keychain
PUBG Guns Keychain

PUBG Frying Pans

PUBG Frying Pans
PUBG Frying Pans

PUBG Helmets

PUBG Helmet Keychain
PUBG Helmet Keychain

PUBG Keychains with LOGOS

PUBG Keychains (Logo)
PUBG Keychains (Logo)

People shopping for keychains

People buying PUBG keychain
People buying PUBG keychain (Apr-19)

I was in the Orion Mall Rajajinagar for a movie. I came across a stall selling cool keychains imported from China (I came to know after I purchased one).

The PUBG Keychains were souvenirs for the game fans but I doubt will they find time to walk out and buy one. The PUBG game is so addictive.

There were more designs like the Avengers series, Harley Davidson and many more. I picked the Royal Enfield keychain at Rs. 150 per piece. All images captured with Mi Note 5 Pro and cropped to fit the post. More photos from Mi Note 5 Pro here.

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