Truffles Food Photograph (Part-1)

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Cheesy Garlic Bread Truffles
Cheesy Garlic Bread

Club Sandwich (Egg & Chicken)

Club Sandwich Non Veg Truffles
Club Sandwich Non Veg
Non Veg Club Sandwish (Chickn)
Non Veg Club Sandwish (Chickn)

Italian Pasta

Italian Pasta Truffles
Italian Pasta Alfredo Non veg penne

California Chicken Steak

California Chicken Steak Truffles
California Chicken Steak

All American Chicken Burger

Truffles Burger
All American Chicken Burger Truffles

On the other day, I saw a large crowd waiting outside Truffles in St. Marks Road, Bangalore. I guessed there was some offer going on, like buy a burger and get potato chips free. The potato wafers are so addictive that it pulls the crowd. The McDonalds or Burger King does not give this offer.

The next day, I missed the lunch went to Truffles at 4 pm. There was no crowd. Did they withdraw the chips offer? I ordered for American Rooster Burger (I am not sure if this is the correct name) at Rs. 180. It was a long wait until the burger came and luckily, it came with potato chips, hurray.

Next day, my children wanted to go to Burger King. I suggested them Truffles in Kalyan Nagar that was close by. I explained them how big the burgers were, bigger than the McDonalds, and that it came with a free chips offer.

Well I was trying some humar. I know I ment Humor. I took these photos with Sony A 5100. All food photos here.

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